Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Recently I came through some great news about the legends of Indian history. Even though people of India in olden days were the path finders of numerous technologies, we, the current generation are unaware and are wondering the new technologies that we hear now-a-days.

As you all know, aviation refers to man-made flying devices such as aircraft etc., but what does these have meant in the olden days?? - Rishi's or Sidhar's, having great super natural powers, going all around the universe without any bounds in time and space!!!. Yeah, but they might be real, I was thinking we either dont have any proofs about such great powers that most of you like me, have just heard. But now, I believe it should all be real and nothing but real!!!

I would like to share what was those that made me to believe. Today in this blog, I would like to say something about one of the great legend of Indian History who is believed to be the grand soul of today's Avitation technology.


Acharya Bharadwaj (800 BCE) had a hermitage in the holy city of Prayag and was an ordent apostle of Ayurveda and mechanical sciences. He authored the "Yantra Sarvasva" which includes astonishing and outstanding discoveries in aviation science, space science and flying machines.

He has described three categories of flying machines:
1.) One that flies on earth from one place to another.
2.) One that travels from one planet to another.
3.) And One that travels from one universe to another.

His designs and descriptions have impressed and amazed aviation engineers of today. His brilliance in aviation technology is further reflected through techniques described by him:

1.) Profound Secret: The technique to make a flying machine invisible through the application of sunlight and wind force.
2.) Living Secret: The technique to make an invisible space machine visible through the application of electrical force.
3.) Secret of Eavesdropping: The technique to listen to a conversation in another plane.
4.) Visual Secrets: The technique to see what's happening inside another plane.

Through his innovative and brilliant discoveries, Acharya Bharadwaj has been recognized as the pioneer of aviation technology.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Tamil Names for Huge Numbers

Tamil names of numbers - simply awesome !!! (How much money do you need??)

10 = PATTU
100 = NOORU
1000 = AaYIRAM
10000000 = KOADI
100000000 = ARPUTHAM
1000000000 = NIGARPUTAM
10000000000 = KUMBAM
100000000000 = KANAM
1000000000000 = KARPAM
10000000000000 = NIKARPAM
100000000000000 = PATHUMAM
1000000000000000 = SANGGAM
10000000000000000 = VELLAM
100000000000000000 = ANNIYAM
1000000000000000000 = ARTTAM
10000000000000000000 = PARARTTAM
100000000000000000000 = POORIYAM
1000000000000000000000 = MUKKODI
10000000000000000000000 = MAHAYUGAM